Your Personal Brand: How Are You Managing It?

“You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” The Fight Club quote Chris Brogan opened up with in his Personal Branding Tactics acted as a screaming wake up call for my personal brand. How have I been setting myself apart from the rest?

One of the main takeaways from reading about effective personal branding is, basically, what we were all taught as kids: to be honest, make good friends (“but keep the old…”, or however that song goes) and share

Be Honest:
(Basically, be genuine, open and a REAL person)

Don’t hide behind your brand or spend time trying to sound like a more advanced writer. You might end up like this guy, if you do:
friends joey thesaurus

Gary Vaynerchuk’s speaking style in this video was a perfect example of this. Did it contain casual or slang terms that usually aren’t used when promoting your personal brand? Yes. But was it stuffy and boring? No.
There’s no denying that he has that passion so many of us are currently searching for. I highly recommend watching one of his videos if you haven’t already.

So Gary fired us up…now what?

Barry Feldman and Michael Hyatt’s Personal Branding Tips give us some great tips and reminders for getting started with a personal brand. And they all seem to have one thing in common: YOU…it all revolves around you being you, not someone else. (“Define YOUR audience, Show YOURself, Find YOUR voice”…see a pattern here?) Bottom Line: Your personal brand is just that…personal. How does that quote by Oscar Wilde go again?

Make Good Friends:
(or make lasting connections through trust)

Jacob Cass’ story in this TEDx video reminds us that the power of connections can go a long way. In his case, it found him a new job when he was in a time crunch. Jacob tells us that he received an incredible response from his connections after posting on social media and his blog. But would he have had a similar response had he not nurtured these connections or provided helpful information to them at one point or another? Probably not.

How do we nurture our connections, though, to make them last? We listen and engage with them. We collaborate with them, always giving credit to them where credit is due.

(Share great content, and don’t be afraid!)

Chris Brogan suggests that we “think of way upon way to contribute and be useful.”

We can do this by sharing interesting and relevant content to our networks. Jenni Hogan’s advice (in Kelly Clay’s Personal Branding Secrets) of applying a filter of values (her three values are: “impact, inspire, and inform”) is an excellent way to always remember your audience when sharing content.

In this same article, Porter Gale reminds us to stay focused by making sure the content we share reinforces our passions, goals and objectives. I may be guilty of the stereotypical Instagram post with a filtered photo of my dinner from time to time, but this does nothing for my personal brand. Sure, I might get a few followers from them but, from the looks of their Instagram names, they probably won’t be following me too much longer when they see how infrequently I post healthy food pictures. At the end of the day, find what makes you tick (in a good way). What fills you with joy and passion? The answer to this question can make a world of difference if you actively incorporate it into your own personal brand.

Why? Simple. it’s YOU, and YOUR passion.



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