Analytics: Understanding the Social Media Report Card

When developing a strong communications plan, it is crucial to take into consideration how effective your IMC strategy is. But how can this be determined? There are many tools to be used, but they all provide one thing: analytics.

For those in the marketing and communications industry, analytics can be your report card: how did your efforts pay off? What areas need improvement? It is imperative to use these analytics to measure your reach, not only to plan for the future, but also to adjust current strategies and content.

Measuring analytics can help with knowing your audience…picture yourself as a comedian: (that’s a scary image, at least for me!) Comedians must know their crowd to be able to feed off of them. They’re telling this great story, and then reach the punch line…only to hear crickets chirping. They’ll probably stray from stories similar to this in the future, providing humorous content comparable to what has been successful in the past.

While it is important to analyze all platforms in an IMC strategy, we are only going to focus on two today: Facebook and Email marketing. We will use Facebook Insights and Bronto to analyze “ABC Company”.

Brief company background: ABC Company is a health-oriented organization based out of Central Florida. In addition to their Facebook page and bi-weekly email newsletters, they have a Twitter account, Pinterest page, and YouTube channel.

Note: The following screenshots are from May 2013: therefore, some aspects of Facebook Insights and Bronto may have slightly changed since these screenshots were taken. These screenshots were distributed as an assignment. Therefore, I do not have full access to the actual company’s analytics.


analytics fb 1

From this overview, we see that ABC Company has 880 Likes, or fans, and reached 340,325 friends of these fans. (The “Friends of Fans” metric is no longer used in Facebook Insights today, as it was not found to be beneficial to page owners.) Additionally, we see a 50.54% decrease in the number of fans talking about ABC Company.

Looking at the Overview chart, we see that there was a slight spike in the total reach around May 7th. From the size of the dot (which represents the number of posts within that time period), we can gather that the spike was generated from one single post. Although not shown in the screenshot, we can then scroll through the list of posts underneath, with their individual reach statistics, and see which post, from May 7th, garnered the small spike in total reach. Let’s say this post was a tip on how to incorporate physical activity while at home with a napping baby. We can make a note to include similar posts that cater to our existing crowd.

Although it is not in the main time range of which we are studying, we can see that June 2nd’s post about National Cancer Survivor’s Day managed to be the most viral of the posts on this current list. However, the post with the most engagement, reach, and sharing was May 29th’s “Join us tomorrow morning in the…” Because these are not my own, I can only guess that ABC Company was planning a health-related event at their establishment, or in the Central Florida community. This reached 509, engaged 13 users, and had 10 sharing the post on their newsfeed. Virality of this post (percentage of those who liked, commented, or shared) was average for this company, but it still created a buzz and should be noted for future content planning.

analytics fb 2

The demographics portion shows us that more women are reached than men, and the average age range is 25-34 for both men and women.

Geographically, ABC Company mainly reaches Central Florida cities of the US and, consequently, the vast majority of viewers speak English, with the second largest language being Spanish.

analytics fb 3

In the Reach chart, we can see the spike in virality of the May 7th post, mentioned earlier, with a steady increase starting at the end of May. The organic reach remains the same, changing only if a large increase in the number of Likes were to occur. ABC Company does not incorporate paid Facebook advertising, so the Paid reach remains at 0. The Unique Users by Frequency shows that almost 3,000 users visited ABC Company’s page, with about half returning for a second time. Knowing that we have almost 900 likes, there could be room for improvement here by giving users more of a reason to engage with the company.

The Page Views chart shows us that ABC Company receives about twice the number of page views (number of times visitors accessed the page), as unique visitors (number of individuals who visited the page).

The total number of tab views shows us that users are more engaged in ABC Company’s posted content more than the About Me section. If ABC Company is a brick-and-mortar establishment, they may want to utilize this section to provide physical address, contact information, store hours, etc.

analytics fb 4

The demographics of users talking about ABC Company are displayed here: we can gather that, like the reach demographics discussed earlier, Central Florida users between 25 and 34 (the majority of whom are women) are most likely to talk about ABC Company.

The last chart demonstrates the number of fans talking about ABC Company. There was a steady decline in this chart, until the end of May. This could be due to the June 2nd National Cancer Survivor’s Day post. ABC Company can use this information to develop content in the future, possibly including additional health recognition days like this one. The more fans that continue to talk about ABC Company, the larger the viral reach will be.

Email Communication

analytics bronto 1

The overview above shows the data collected from a May 21, 2013 email sent by ABC Company. Of the 2,624 emails sent, only 18 came back undeliverable. So, of the 2,606 emails received, 25.4% of consumers opened the email. Of those that opened, only 10.9% clicked through.

This email data, along with a 0% conversion rate and 17 contacts lost, shows us that ABC Company should drastically increase their email marketing efforts.

ABC Company knows their audience if they are frequently checking Facebook Insights, along with other social media analytic tools. This data can be used to create email newsletters that subscribers will want to open and read, maybe with valuable family health tips, fitness workout regiments, etc.


First and foremost, ABC Company should consider a new approach to their email marketing strategies. Increasing the open and click through rate should be their first priority. ABC Company should pay close attention to what their audience most responds to, and what posts their audience shares with friends to determine what content gets the best response. Facebook Insights show a steady increase in audience response, so they are on the right track with Facebook. However, to engage in a more IMC approach, ABC Company should consider including links in newsletters and posts to their other social media platforms.

In an effort to boost results across their multiple platforms, ABC Company could utilize their YouTube channel to create health and fitness videos and share on their multiple social media channels. This could also be included in their bi-weekly newsletter. Pinterest could be utilized to collect fitness workout techniques, healthy recipes, or tips for boosting the immune system – these Pinterest boards could then be tweeted, posted, emailed, etc. to their audience in an attempt to further engage and promote sharing.

We saw that ABC Company received great response to a post encouraging fans to join them for an event. Knowing this type of post is seen and shared more, ABC Company should begin planning similar events.

ABC Company should be catering to their younger, mainly female audience – which they seem to do, from the Facebook data provided. Providing interesting content about health is key: especially in the newsletters.

The following is an overview of a possible campaign idea for ABC Company:

 “One Month to a Better You”

ABC Company could host group workouts, recipe swaps, healthy food samples, etc for the duration of one month. This could include posts with a healthy-eating routine, paired with week-long workout routines that target certain muscles. The workout routine should be able to be tailored for multiple age ranges, fitness capabilities, and weight groups.

facebook icon “Ready to renew? September is National Self Improvement Month. In honor of this, we will be hosting weekly yoga classes and cooking demonstrations. One month to a better you!” (with link to detailed blog post)

twitter-icon #Orlando, Ready to Renew? For Nat’l #SelfImprovement Month, you won’t want to miss this! <>

you tube icon Film local gym instructors giving tips for working muscles out properly. Shoot video for a re-cap of a cooking demonstration or yoga class to promote the following week’s events

email icon Begin promoting National Self-Improvement Month one month ahead of time, including details of classes and cooking demonstrations, shared recipes, success stories, etc. Continue promotion throughout September, then provide a feature article re-capping the highlights of the month.

Pinterest icon The following images are examples of the types of pins ABC Company could use during this campaign:

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