Reputation Management: No More Misconceptions

There has been a misconception that companies should ignore negative feedback or reviews that are posted online and doing so will make it “go away”.  If companies still believe this today, their naivete will soon get the best of them…

While responding to both positive and negative feedback is important, negative feedback will often provide the best learning opportunities for your organization – especially if there are a large number of them…(it might then be time to re-evaluate some areas of your organization.) It has been said that unhappy customers are much more likely to write a review than happy customers.

From our lecture this week, and a few supplemental articles I have read recently, I’ve created a list of a few items to take into consideration, when crafting your response to unhappy customers:

1. Cool your lid – No matter your role in the organization, you have played an important part in its success and, therefore, might get upset by some particularly catty reviews. Take this time to step away and cool off.

2. Take a walk in their shoes – Consider the customer…something about your organization has let them down; but they do care enough to let you know so that this may be improved upon in the future.

3. Be Empathetic – Try to understand where the customer is coming from: they have most likely spent time and money with your organization, and deserve a positive, understanding response.

4. Act Promptly: Respond to negative feedback quickly. This will show customers that you truly care to make things right, and not responding can quickly turn into additional negative reviews.

5. Make a Plan: Let the customer know that there is a definite plan to make things right. Suggest that you swap information in a private message or email, to reach the customer for resolving the issue(s).

The following are two examples that have been provided for us to answer as if we are Social Media Managers of the Hyatt and Hilton hotel brands.

*Disclaimer: The following sample reviews and responses are for educational purposes only, and do not reflect the actual hotel brands.


Review #1: Posted on TripAdvisor for Hilton


On July 3, 2014 Hilton Ft. Lauderdale wrote: 

“Hi luv2travelwithhubby,

We are truly sorry for the incidences during your recent experience with us. What you have described about our housekeeping services does not fit our customer service model we strive to maintain everyday, and we apologize for not meeting the high standards that Hilton properties holds themselves to.

We would like an opportunity to have you stay with us again. (We’ve replaced the metal keypad with rubberized keys per your feedback, so no more burned fingers!) Please contact me directly so that we can begin to correct these issues for you.

Paige Laurie
Social Media Manager, Hilton Ft. Lauderdale

Review #2: Posted on TripAdvisor for Hyatt


On July 5, 2014 Hyatt Regency wrote: 

“Hi Travelwith3kiddos,

We are pleased to hear you enjoyed your recent stay with us. Our new pool area was an exciting addition, so we are glad to hear you and your children enjoyed it! It is our goal to offer a relaxing stay for both business trips and family fun.

We apologize for the additional wait at Fiorenzo, and suggest checking out the The Bar at Fiorenzo during your next stay for a full drink and food menu if there happens to be a wait. We understand that transportation can be costly, especially if taking a family to and from Orlando’s wonderful theme parks. Check out our transportation options here: maybe the I-Ride Trolley would be a cost-efficient alternative during your next stay.

Thanks again for your feedback, and we look forward to accommodating you and your family again soon!

Paige Laurie
Social Media Manager, Hyatt Regency


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