Brand Review Across Multiple Platforms: Asics

My assignment this week is to review 3 brands that each have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ account, with at least one more, in addition.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.48.32 PM

For my first, I chose Asics, a favorite shoe brand of mine. Because Asics originated outside of the U.S., and is so well-known worldwide, there are some countries who have created their own specific accounts for their country: (Japan, US, Europe, Australia, etc.) It was interesting to see how each country’s account had their own content but would also share other country’s posts, resulting in a larger variety of posts from different points of view. Asics takes an IMC approach by promoting new product lines through TV and print advertisements, encouraging their audience to sign up for their e-newsletter, and consistently posting on their various social media platforms.

Magazine Print Ad:


Email Newsletter Signup:


Links on Homepage:



On June 21, 2014, Asics took advantage of the Summer Solstice by creating an “Outrun the Sun” challenge, where the world’s leading trail runners divided into two teams to run the famous 94 mile trail around Mont Blanc from sunrise to sunset. Asics America used this challenge to promote their trail running shoes and to cheer on their Asics sponsored trail runners. They utilized all platforms during this challenge:






Relevant and Updated Content:

Asics constantly “pushes” themselves to the top of feeds because of their up-to-date content. On platforms that receive heavy use from their targeted audience, they choose to post multiple times throughout the day, promoting their brand and message. They will also frequently use high-quality images, when including visuals in their posts.

Follower/Fan Growth and Use of Hashtags:

Asics America, like other companies, draws fans on existing platforms to their other social media accounts by creating posts on one platform and linking back to the same post on another platform. They consistently use relevant hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and many Google + and Facebook posts.

Here is a recent post from Asics encouraging Twitter followers to show off their colorful pair of Asics. The image link brings the Twitter user to Asics’ Instagram post.


Below is a Facebook post from last week (in honor of #WorkoutWednesday) with a YouTube video demonstrating the best way to do a burpee. The end of the video suggests other videos uploaded by Asics.


Overall, Asics has a very effective IMC strategy, reaching their audience across all media platforms. One small area of concern that I had with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts was a consistent spelling error with the use of you’re and your. This is important for all brands to monitor, however, Asics is so large, this should never happen.




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