Brand Review Across Multiple Platforms: Anthropologie

My assignment this week is to review 3 brands that each have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ account, with at least one more, in addition.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.49.01 PM

The women’s clothing and home goods retail store, Anthropologie, is owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. and includes almost 200 locations. They describe themselves as “An inspiring place to shop for women’s clothing, accessories and home decor.” This store that sends out more printed publications than normal for today’s age must be doing something right…

Anthropologie takes an IMC approach through the printing and publishing of their seasonal catalog; creating an online look-book sent out to email subscribers; and posting frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, to name a few.

Seasonal catalogs arrive in customers’ mailboxes at the beginning of each season and possible outfit combinations are posted on social media platforms with links to purchase the items.

Catalog Cover:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 5.54.30 PM


Consistency is something that Anthropologie does extremely well. They maintain their light, feminine look on all media platforms, which can be difficult to do on those social media platforms where your page layout is already set up for you. All images posted have an artistic quality, and are crystal clear. Anthropologie creates a seasonal theme, that remains until the weather begins to change. This summer, for example, posts contain images of “space-saving outfit ideas” for summer vacations, a DIY guide for a cute sangria bottle, and picnic ideas to promote the hand-woven baskets on sale.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.15.02 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.16.02 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.16.13 PM

Relevant and Updated Content:

In keeping with their theme, Anthropologie consistently provides relevant social media content on a daily basis. Emails are received about once or twice a week, while mail is sent less frequently. Anthropologie pays attention to their target audience, and where they spend most of their time. The target market is young women, who are interested in feminine, sometimes vintage clothing and home goods. Therefore, Anthropologie heavily uses Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The Anthropologie blog even has a Pinterest-like quality to it.

Follower/Fan Growth and Use of Hashtags:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.17.57 PM

Anthropologie uses buttons on their homepage to encourage their audience to follow them on social media and includes post links on other social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 6.30.44 PM

While the company does use hashtags effectively, they could stand to add a few more into their posts to reach potential followers and fans. Tweets, Googe+ posts, and Instagram posts only contained one hashtag in many of their posts. A number of them did not even contain one. Anthropologie could be missing out on potential growth via social media.

Anthropologie is very effective at reaching their audience across multiple platforms. For a store that creatively displays their products both in-store and online, it is apparent that their creativity also lies in their marketing and advertising abilities, as well.




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