An Email from a Budding Social Media Professional: My Personal, City-Driven “Brand”

My assignment this week is to create an email blast that promotes my personal “brand.” This intimidated me, at first. I’ve been so consumed with work, school, and moving to a new apartment lately that I had briefly forgotten where my passions lie. But after some self-reflection and thinking, “What are my passions…what describes me?”, it quickly came back to me. I’ll let my email blast do the rest of the talking…   Where I Come From “(We Don’t) Bluff City”…”Home of the Blues”…”The 901”…”M-town”…however you want to call it, Memphians can’t help but show pride in the city that’s on the rise. What if you had asked us about 8 years ago? We probably would have rattled off a lackluster list of those famous tourist destinations that everyone knows about (but many Memphians haven’t even been). Yes, we had pride (and we always have soul), but we lacked spirit, gumption, and the passion that we show so strongly now. Holly says it best in her I Love Memphis blog article, but the pride and energy that Memphis radiates can’t help but be contagious. Being born and raised in Memphis has instilled in me a love for the city’s neighborhoods and that sense of community feeling you can’t quite replicate anywhere else. After moving away for work last year, I’ve been fortunate to see how a larger city “lives,” and compare it to the city I know so well. Naturally, I was looking for that sense of community and comfort that Memphis boasts. It wasn’t quite the same. This has reassured me of my passion: creating or increasing a sense of community through lifestyle blogs and publications. So Why Does It Matter? We live in a world where we can get almost any kind of information we need, fast. We can just whip out our smartphones, which are probably already glued in our hands anyway, and search away. So many of us have our daily routines that we hardly stray from, but we still need that gentle reminder to just Live. Local living is extremely important to me: whether it be supporting local farmers and artisans at the Farmer’s Market, local entrepreneurs when dining out, or volunteering in park beautification efforts. I constantly make an effort to “live local”. These videos, from Choose901TV and SAM: Socially Advanced Marketing, show a glimpse into how others are living local in Memphis:

I created the video below from my experience as Memphis’ first Dishcrawl Ambassador. Dishcrawl is a startup company out of California where Ambassadors plan food tour events and market them via social media to local foodies (Think: Pubcrawl, but with food.) To learn more about Dishcrawl, check out their website and the Dishcrawl Memphis Facebook page.


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