Blog Study: “Whole Story” (Whole Foods)

Whole Story

Type of Blog: Professional

“Whole Story” is Whole Foods’ healthy eating blog, staffed by a team of Whole Foods writers, and contains recipes, healthy-eating tips, and interesting behind-the-scenes information about Whole Foods products. Its purpose is to engage their customers and potential customers through engaging content to better their health and daily life.

whole story about

Whole Foods prides themselves on being GMO free, and promotes a natural, healthy lifestyle by providing local, organic products. Whole Story solidifies these beliefs by stimulating conversation from readers about their healthy-eating lifestyles. What makes Whole Story unique is its variety of content. Post subjects range from wine tastings and DIY body mist to healthy lunch ideas for your child’s summer camp. Whole Foods does an excellent job of maintaining a balance of store-related product promotional content with content that is merely published as interesting and helpful for their consumers.

whole story hack your grill

Some posts even share others’ blogs for additional lifestyle tips, outside of their direct knowledge:

whole story outside blogger

When first navigating to the Whole Foods website (which appears at the top of search engines), the Whole Story Blog is conveniently located in an easy to see spot on the left-hand side. This is a great pull technique to bring curious readers to the blog postings. Whole Foods’ active presence on social media platforms also directs additional consumers to their blog by posting enticing pictures and teasers on their various platforms. At the same time, consumers who may have reached their blog first are subtly encouraged to engage with Whole Foods via social media by the buttons at the bottom of the blog.

whole story social media

In my opinion, Whole Foods is extremely successful with their blog. They actively post relevant and interesting content and engage their audience outside of their blog via multiple social media platforms and email subscriptions.

Rightfully so, Whole Story was named one of the Top 5 Brand Blogs – from their beautiful visuals to well-written content, I do not believe anything is missing from this blog.

There are currently no advertisers on the Whole Story blog. If advertisers were to be included, I would think Whole Foods would choose to add their own, such as their in-house brand “365”. Other relevant advertisers would be for local children’s activities or museums, parks, etc.


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