Blog Study: ASPCA


Type of Blog: Professional

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) blog exists to inform the public of news regarding the safety and health of animals in America, and how readers can take a stand and help the organization fight animal cruelty. It acts as a supporting voice to the website, and to elaborate on their current efforts or spotlight other local organizations’ efforts. What I enjoy about this blog is that it also includes the positive efforts being made in communities to help suffering animals. For many, this is a tough subject to read about, as many Americans have a soft spot in their hearts for helpless animals being neglected. However, one can only take so much negativity – this is why it is so important for the ASPCA blog and others similar to post uplifting and positive news, as well (of which the ASPCA does an excellent job)

aspca lil bub

aspca ll bub 2

While the blog does not appear in the first page of search engine results, it does appear at the top of the ASPCA main website. In addition to this, the ASCPA heavily uses their social media platforms to promote their blog posts with an interesting subject line and image with a link to the blog.

aspca main homepage

aspca tweet blog

While it can sometimes be difficult for a non-profit, ASPCA is successful with their blog. The amount of relevant content that is posted receives responses and shares from their audience. They have a passionate and unique audience due to their “brand”/service that they provide, so it could be difficult to grow their audience. However, the ASPCA is not hindered by this. They provide uplifting stories of real community efforts to remove animals from their neglectful situations and place them into animal sanctuaries or, even better, new homes. This can generate a lot of shares across their heavily-used social media platforms, thus returning more readers to their blog.

While I believe nothing is missing from the ASPCA’s blog, I do want to note one thing that I found was different from my the two blogs featured below: each post has its own social media link buttons – no matter where the reader is on the website, the links to the ASPCA’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and email are all within eyesight at any time.

The ASPCA’s blog does not display any advertisers, and rightfully so. For an organization that solely relies on donations and fundraisers, advertisers could take away from their sole focus.


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