Moosejaw Madness: A look into the Brand Media Strategy for the Quirky

For those that regularly purchase outdoor camping gear, you may have already heard of Moosejaw, but for others, it is definitely worth checking out: even if just to peruse their clever marketing lines sprinkled throughout the website. The company, based out of Madison Heights, Michigan has 11 store locations, primarily located near its headquarters. Moosejaw’s products range from name-brand camping and skiing gear to house brand outdoor products. This has been a favorite company of mine due to their reasonable prices, but their sarcastic wit is an added bonus as I browse their online storefront (main profit source).

Moosejaw frequently sends out promotional emails and catalogs (subscribers only). Due to their location, I have not personally seen billboards or TV commercials in my area. When it comes to Social Media content, Moosejaw, in my opinion, does not disappoint. Their one-liners and sometimes snarky posts reach their age specific audience very well. After researching their various Social Media accounts, it seems as though they really only reach an audience aged around 20-35 years old, as were there intentions.

Photo:; – Surveys and other promotional deals are sent out via email, as well as posted on the carousel portion of their home page and major Social Media pages.

Their Social Media stats:

Pinterest: 3,728 Followers (They follow 134 other accounts, have over 2,000 pins across 17 boards)
YouTube: 303 Subscribers (347,490 views, 91 uploaded videos)
Twitter: 23,330 followers (8,126 Tweets with 478 of those being photos/videos; Follow 158 other accounts)
Facebook: 149.7K Followers (1.3K talking about Moosejaw)
Instagram: 5,425 Followers (271 Posts; Follow 48 other accounts)
LinkedIn: 3,176 Followers (201-500 employees, 155 of which are on LinkedIn)
Flickr: 816 Members (2,898 Photos)
Google+: 446 Followers (98,640 Views)

Like most brands, Facebook and Twitter are their strongest Social Media outlets, by far.

Moosejaw seems to use each outlet individually, refraining from posting duplicate content across multiple social media accounts.

They have a healthy mix of promotional posts, tweets, and photos with added humor and conversation starters:





In additional to promotional coupons and deals, Moosejaw will post product reviews on YouTube…However, in true Moosejaw fashion, these are not the typical product reviews. See why.

Moosejaw uses creativity and wit to create product reviews, most likely using friends of staff in local parks around Madison Heights, MI. While these reviews do not reach all of their audience, Moosejaw directs you to these videos from the particular product for sale on their online store.

Overall, Moosejaw is small in comparison to other major outdoor stores, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods (3,142,474 Likes on Facebook and over 229,000 Followers on Twitter) or REI (796,8K Likes on Facebook and over 202,011 Followers on Twitter). The most engaged city with Moosejaw is Detroit, MI. However, they have successfully stimulated a following, not only in cities with physical storefront locations, but across the country, as well.


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